Double Tap for the Apple Watch is now available. Here’s how to personalize the gesture on watchOS 10.1.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 is Double Tap. Apple created the gesture as a solution to the issue of using a smartwatch when the other hand is occupied with something else, such as a flashlight, dog leash, grocery bag, or anything else. Furthermore, it might be an excellent accessibility feature for those with impairments that might restrict hand or arm movement. Even though Double Tap’s customization options are restricted at launch, you can adjust a few parameters to make Double Tap exactly how you want it.

Install watchOS 10.1.
You must make sure your Apple Watch is up to date before you can use Double Tap. At the very least, watchOS 10.1—which Apple released to consumers on October 25—is needed. Firstly, make sure your linked iPhone is running at least iOS 17.1, which was released that day. On your phone, go to Settings > General > Software Update to accomplish that.

Open the Apple Watch app on your associated phone after updating the firmware, then select General > Software Update. After selecting “Install,” watch for the update to finish. To begin the installation process, your watch has to be charged to a minimum of 50% while it is in the charging position.

For now, Double Tap only allows you to adjust the Smart Stack and music playback; future software upgrades may provide more customization options. The latter is a new feature in watchOS 10 and is the collection of widgets that you can view from your watch face by using the Digital Crown to scroll up or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

To personalize these categories, first launch the Apple Watch app on the iPhone that is associated with it. After selecting Gestures > Double Tap, make your selection from the following options:

When listening to music or podcasts, you can select to play, pause, or move on to the next track by pinching your fingers.

It is up to Smart Stack to decide how Double Taps moves through the widget stack. “Select” causes a subsequent tap to select the first widget, whereas “Advance” causes each tap to advance to the next widget (by default).

All the things you can do on your Apple Watch using Double Tap
Double Tap can be activated and then you can experiment with all of its features. They consist of:

Audio playback: You can either pause, resume, or move on to the next track after adjusting the settings above.

Calls: Take a call, hang up, or answer.

Notifications: From any alert, take the first action. Snooze a reminder or respond to a message, for instance. (It is also compatible with third-party apps.)

Widget navigation is possible from any watch face with Smart Stack.

View messages: Whenever you get a new text, read the entire message.

Answer messages: When you reach the conclusion of the message, respond by voice dictation. When you are done speaking, a second Double Tap will confirm transmission.

Examine extended notifications: Double-tap again to navigate through an alert that is too lengthy to fit on the screen of your Apple Watch after opening one that doesn’t fit completely on the screen. This can be done again till you reach the finish.

Sound the alarm; snooze it.

Stopwatch: Press the stop or restart button.

Timers: You can pause, resume, or end a timer when you’re watching one. If the timer is running.

Remote shutter: Use the Apple Watch’s Camera Remote to snap an image with your iPhone.

Workout: If your watch detects that you are exercising without having begun a workout, you can choose to start or stop the automatic workout reminders.

A blue hand icon shows up at the top of your watch’s screen when you utilize Double Tap. When you attempt to double-tap on an incompatible object with the feature, an icon will emerge and wave back and forth, giving the impression that it is saying “No.”

How to stop the Apple Watch from double tapping
If you return to Settings > Gestures > Double Tap on your linked iPhone and find yourself in a scenario where you are concerned about inadvertently activating the feature, you can disable it. If you do that, Double Tap may always be enabled again by going back to the same settings screen.

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