How to view the Scary Fast event on Apple

At 8:00 p.m. ET on October 30, Apple will host another livestream event. Yes, that is amid the spookiest of seasons, in the dead of night. The fact that the firm is referring to it as a “Scary Fast” event suggests that there will be some hardware announcements. The stream is available to view on Apple TV devices, YouTube, and the company’s own website.

What’s planned for this Halloween-related stream, then? The company’s desktop and laptop PCs are still up for grabs, since the major iPhone 15 reveal was already announced. Given the nature of the event, there’s a good chance Apple will unveil the eagerly anticipated M3 chip. Nearly 17 months have passed since the M2’s launch, and, well, Moore’s law and everything. To put things in perspective, 19 months passed between the release of the M1 and the M2.

Since processors are only as good as the devices they power, the “scary fast” M3 chipset should be accompanied by a few hardware announcements. Both Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predict that the presentation would include a MacBook Pro with an M3 processor in the spotlight.

It’s also past due that Apple introduced some new iMacs—the colorful update from 2021 was published more than two years ago. Gurman has stated that a new 24-inch iMac running on the speculated M3 CPU will probably be unveiled at the event. He points out that retail retailers are running low on current iMacs, which usually means an upcoming upgrade is approaching.

At the occasion, there might also be some announcements regarding iPads. It’s more likely that we’ll get a new iPad Pro than a typical entry-level tablet if the entire stream is focused on M3-powered devices. Though the arrival of the iPad Pro in 2022 was only a slight improvement, it has only been a year since the most recent model made its appearance. It is possible that further iPad models will receive attention, allowing them to be released in time for the holidays.

There might be some surprises, but there aren’t many options left because we recently got new watches and iPhones, and the Vision Pro isn’t expected until next year. Apple presenters will probably be required to wear Halloween costumes at the very least, which should be entertaining. Perhaps Tim Cook will appear on TikTok decked up like the blue smurf cat that went viral earlier this month.

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