A stronger audio system is planned for the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Early in September, Tesla revealed to the public the redesigned Model 3, which included considerable improvements to the sound system in addition to design modifications.

Fans and order holders will be able to see these cars in person and try out some of the new features as they are now arriving in showrooms around Europe and certain areas of Asia.

The addition of a subwoofer to the base RWD form of the current model’s sound system is a significant update.

An owner of a present Model 3 in Europe who also holds an order for the impending new car had the opportunity to test and contrast the new sound system with the one in the model.

At a nearby Tesla experience center, Romanian driver Alexandru S expressed his genuine admiration for the improved sound system of the newly released entry-level Model 3.

In a post on the Tesla Model 3 Highland Facebook page, Alexandru detailed the variations heard, saying, “The new model has much better sound.” I didn’t anticipate such a significant change. Actually, I assumed the sound would be nearly identical. Oh my, I was mistaken.

In comparison to his existing automobile, Alexandru claims that the new sound system is punchier and has more bass: Much more bass. Increased volume. far more fidelity and punchier.

While the Tesla sound system in the current generation of cars has been really outstanding, there have been some significant enhancements with the new model.

Among these is the RWD variant’s installation of an amplifier, which aids in delivering this powerful bass through the standard sound system, which consists of nine separate speakers dispersed throughout the cabin.

The addition of acoustic glass to more areas of the vehicle, such as the rear roof portion, is another significant enhancement. This makes the cabin much quieter both when driving and when listening to music.

This is an improvement over the existing eight-speaker system featured in the most popular electric automobile in Australia.

Prior to now, buyers who valued a good sound system had to upgrade to a Long Range model or use an aftermarket update that might breach the warranty on the vehicle.

Customers who want a higher-quality sound system may now find it in the entry-level RWD model as well, without having to pay the extra cost associated with upgrading to a Long Range model, according to early accounts. There is a $10,000 pricing difference between the two models of the Tesla Model 3.

Customers seeking an even more immersive experience can choose for the Long Range model, which costs extra and has 17 speakers inside the vehicle in addition to two amplifiers.

Enjoy studio-quality sound from any seat with our Tesla-designed premium audio system, according to Tesla, which describes the output from the updated sound system.

The dual-motor Long Range and Performance models of the current Model 3 come equipped with a 14-speaker sound system.

Many buyers of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 are sure to be pleased with its improved cabin designed to improve road noise isolation and updated sound system in both RWD and Long Range models to give a punchier music experience.

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