What’s the difference between YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium?

With the majority of Google’s content being integrated under the YouTube brand, YouTube Premium and Music Premium have emerged as leading services. But it might be challenging to distinguish between the occasionally subtle variations amongst the streaming options that are accessible. We’ll contrast them in the parts that follow to assist you in making a decision.

The following is the simplest method to describe how these two services differ from one another: YouTube Premium adds further video features along with the advantages of YouTube Music Premium.

Your selection is influenced by two major choices. The first is how vital it is to you to view a lot of videos on YouTube, as YouTube Music Premium is just music. The second is if you are a parent, as YouTube Premium has kid-safe features.

Since YouTube was founded as a video firm, this kind of content is automatically included in the “umbrella” service. And not just the videos created by users that made YouTube famous. The business does create some original material, but they haven’t invested as much in it lately. Furthermore, this unique content—which was previously only accessible through the subscription service—is now free to access, although with advertisements.

Conversely, YouTube Music Premium offers a large archive but is limited to streaming music. It is similar to other music streaming services in this regard. When available, YouTube Music can optionally play music videos in tandem with the associated songs.

Considering that YouTube Music Premium primarily offers music, there are numerous similarities between the two services’ advantages above their free equivalents. In particular, you can save songs and videos to use offline and avoid listening to advertisements when consuming content. Whether or not YouTube’s recommendations are more or less in line with your preferences than those of other providers will ultimately determine this.

There are two more benefits that YouTube Premium provides in addition to these primary ones. The first is YouTube Kids, an app designed to make sure kids watch kid-friendly content. The second is video background play, which enables video audio to continue playing even when you navigate to another program.

You should choose YouTube Premium unless you have certain unique conditions. If all you’re interested in is music and you’re price sensitive, purchasing YouTube Music Premium alone will save you enough money for an extra cup of coffee per month.

However, since it comes with everything that YouTube Music Premium has to offer, it’s an easy choice given the value added to that service for a few bucks a month. This is particularly true if you have kids (YouTube Kids protects them from questionable YouTube videos) or travel frequently (you can download videos for offline viewing).

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