Apple has increased the value of your iPhone trade-in.

Apple is prepared to give you a little extra trade-in credit in order to persuade you to upgrade from your outdated iPhone. When you trade in your old iPhone for a newer model, the Apple Store (both online and in-person) will give you a higher trade-in value until June 3.

Apple is still accepting iPhone 7 Plus or later for the standard trade-in value, but the deal is only valid for iPhone 11 and later models. It’s also important to remember that getting a newer iPhone than the one you’re selling will activate the trade-in credit boost, even if you don’t purchase the newest iPhone 15.

Apple has said that its trade-in credit values are greater (by anywhere from $10 to $30), but the actual amount that Apple pays you will depend on the state of your phone. After you respond to a few questions regarding your item, you will get an initial payment. Once Apple receives the device and verifies that the quality description is correct, they will credit your account.

This is the current price that you can obtain for your iPhone:

Up to $650 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max (versus. $630)

Up to $530 for the iPhone 14 Pro (vs. $520)

iPhone 14 Plus: $430 (instead of $420)

iPhone 14: $380 (instead of $370)

Third-generation iPhone SE: Up to $170 (formerly $160)

iPhone 13 Pro Max: $460 (as opposed to $450)

iPhone 13 Pro: $380 (instead of $370)

iPhone 13: From $300 to $320

iPhone 13 mini: From $270 to $300

iPhone 12 Pro Max: $370 and above

Up to $300 for the iPhone 12 Pro

Up to $220 for the iPhone 12

Up to $200 for the iPhone 12 mini

Second-generation iPhone SE: Up to $90

iPhone 11 Pro Max Price: $300 and Up

iPhone 11 Pro: $250 and above

iPhone 11: Costs as much as $200

iPhone XS Max: Approximately $160

Up to $120 for the iPhone XS

Up to $120 for the iPhone XR

$110 for the iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus: From $90 up to

iPhone 8: From $60

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: From $60

Keep in mind that the enhanced credit is only applicable if you use it to purchase a newer iPhone. Additionally, even with the increase, you might be able to get your iPhone valued at a higher rate from independent stores like Back Market. Check with a few different merchants to see if you could receive a better offer before completing the trade-in via Apple.

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