How to Use AI to Your Advantage: Practical How-Tos

We are discovering that chatbots with artificial intelligence, such as Gemini, can be extremely potent. They might also be completely mistaken. Gemini is a useful research tool that produces information and ideas. But before you begin experimenting with Gemini, keep in mind the most important tip for gathering information: think about the source. The second rule is to understand that AI chatbots are not search engines.

Note: The base version of Gemini Pro (Free Tier) is used for the screenshots and tips below.
Start your research using Gemini alone.

Gemini is capable of comprehending more than just text. When you include advanced logic, you have an incredible knowledge base. However, you should approach your fishing trip with caution as the first-generation multi-modal engine is far from flawless. Use other trustworthy resources to supplement your search, such as reputable websites and alternate search engines.

Google advises users not to share personal information with the data-hungry chatbot Gemini and not to rely on its responses for professional advice related to health, law, finances, or other matters.
Examine the references provided.

Gemini will frequently cite their sources. Gemini will provide a link to the source page when it directly quotes from an online source. If not, a well-known website will be mentioned in brackets when citing numerous sources.

Examine the citation to make sure Gemini accurately captured the context. Is the source you found most helpful for your answer that link?

Activate the “Real-time responses” configuration.

Make sure that by default, the Real-time replies setting is enabled. When this is turned on, Gemini’s response will show up gradually—often line by line rather than all at once. In addition to making Gemini feel faster, this lets you know if Gemini is having trouble with the prompt or the material. These visual cues might be used to check your prompt or answer review.

Gemini’s extensions allow you to connect to additional sources.

For deeper results, Gemini and its apps can make use of extensions, which establish connections with a few other Google services. For example, it can recognise when you ask it to do something related to travel and automatically establish a connection with Google Maps or Flights to get a personalised response. As an extension of YouTube and a comprehensive search engine unto itself, you may instruct Gemini to pull up videos and their contents for further details.

Enter @ and choose the extension after typing your prompt to utilise a single extension. Hit the Submit button after that.

Verify an answer twice.

Once Gemini has responded, press the Google logo button. An integrated fact chequer (using Google Search) is provided by the Double-check a response feature. Gemini will highlight certain portions of the response in three distinct colours when you click it. To find out what each highlight represents, you may also choose Understand the results.

Green-highlighted text indicates content that is comparable to the response. If you want to read more from the source, select the downward arrows. This Gemini feature facilitates the process of checking citations.

Orange highlights indicate discrepancies or the inability to find any pertinent content. This is when a little manual digging is required.

Lastly, if you’re not feeling secure, you can disregard this portion of Gemini’s statement as no highlight indicates insufficient information.

Below the answer, Gemini also shows you a few “Search related topics”. These increase the number of Google Search results.

Continue honing your prompt engineering abilities.

Ultimately, the greatest method to improve results is to provide Gemini with additional context and information in your prompts. Google recommends that you adhere to these best practices:

Make use of plain language.

Be succinct and clear.

Give a background.

Make use of pertinent and precise keywords.

Divide up difficult jobs into distinct prompts.

Finally, adjust Gemini’s answers.

Adjust Gemini’s responses to better suit your needs. You can modify the initial prompt or experiment with the three preliminary responses that the chatbot provides. Next, you can edit any chosen portion of the response by using the Modify selected text option. You have the option to alter the response’s length, tone, or content entirely with additional context.

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